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Why Choose Us

We Offer the best Stress management Workshops based on Art as Therapy. 

What You Get

The benefits of art as therapy are numerous and one has to experience to know what wonders it can do.

Art it out membership

Engaging Themes: Each week, immerse yourself in a fresh and exciting artistic theme that will challenge and inspire you.

Expert Guidance: Our therapist will lead you step-by-step, ensuring artists of all levels feel confident in their creations.

Vibrant Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for art. Together, we’ll cultivate a supportive online creative space and leave stress behind.

Convenient Schedule: No need to disrupt your weekend plans. Our workshops are perfectly timed, every Sunday from 3-4pm.


List of Supplies: Gather simple materials from the comfort of your home before each session. We’ll provide an easy-to-follow list beforehand.

Single Session: Join any workshop for just Rs. 500/- per person.

Monthly Marvel: Secure your spot for the entire month at a special rate of Rs. 1800/- Immerse yourself fully and watch your creativity soar!

Simply fill out the registration form. Reserve your spot today and let the artistic journey begin!

Help us build a vibrant community of art enthusiasts by sharing this post with your friends and family. Let’s create, connect, and cultivate together!

Explore the many forms of Expressive Arts

We all undergo stress at some time or the other. What matters is to do something about it.

Art it out allows you to heal yourself and give your mental health the Love And Attention It Deserves. 

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Get one-to-one sessions.

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Contact us for small groups , large groups and corporate workshops.

Art it out Celebrations

We specialize in curating customized experiences to make your special occasions like Birthdays, Kitty Parties, Social Gatherings, Art Dates and Anniversaries extra special. Get in touch to know more.

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Scratch To Find Out What Advice The Art It Out Cards Have For you!

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